OPAL: Oregon Power And Light

Opal began in April, 2016. Its website, using WordPress and relying on a WP bulletin board plugin for forums, was online by the end of May, 2016. It crashed horribly before the end of January, 2017, during a required security update of WordPress. It was determined at that time that there was nothing worth salvaging in the wreckage. We decided then to move from WordPress to something that the Opal staff was in a better position to support.

However in the month following the crash, key technical staff at Opal have become involved in the management and stewardship of another pagan community resource that needs rescuing from an imminent demise arising from several years of internal problems involving persistent communications failures. Yes, that one sentence synopsis is a mouthful. Be thankful that we spare you the theatrical version.

This resuscitation is absorbing all available resources, and will probably do so until at least Mabon, 2017. Until we can get our sh** act together, this page is our entire online presence. is now complete and our human technical resources are again available.

Opal's next meeting is February 27, 2018, at 6:00pm in the Warren James House. One of our topics will be whether we rebuild a web presence, and if so what shape should it have?